Keep your hair on

04 Aug 2022

An inspector calmly rebutted a claim by appellants that an enforcement notice relating to their property in east London did not describe the alleged use accurately, in that it was a wig salon more than a hairdressing salon, the inspector reasoning that wig and hairdressing salons are highly similar and compatible land uses (DCS Number 400-036-546).

The inspector noted that customers attend hairdressing and wig salons alike for personal grooming services in respect of their own hair and/or a head covering which, in the case of a wig, may be made of real or artificial hair. Hairdressing appointments can vary significantly in duration, she continued, depending on the nature of the customer’s hair and the services they require, but she anticipated that the length of wig fitting and styling appointments would be within the hairdressing range. Further, from the appellants’ evidence, she noted that the ratio of staff to customers and the levels of foot and vehicular traffic generated by hairdressing and wig salons appeared to be comparable. 

Thus, the inspector recorded, wig and hairdressing salons both provide services principally to visiting members of the public, which are appropriate to provide in a commercial, business or service locality. She ruled that they both fall within use class E.(c)(iii) of the amended Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987. 

Section 4.3336 of DCP Online concerns Class E of the UCO.