On the water

19 Aug 2022

An inspector’s description of his site visit in relation to an appeal against an enforcement notice directed at a skateboard bowl, tennis court and storage building at a house to the side of the Kingsbridge Estuary in south Devon (DCS Number 200-011-114) makes a lovely contrast with the somewhat less pleasant site visit experienced by a fellow inspector, reported in a recent blog Evil curs.

Here are some of the best bits:-

“....carried out extensive site visits both on land and from the estuary on a boat….” “....experienced the general ambiance of the area….” “....visually attractive and generally peaceful….” “.... gentle serenity….” “....overall calmness ….” “.... tranquillity and pleasantness of the rural scene....”

That’s better.

Just in case you’re wondering, the inspector concluded that the development would not have a harmful effect upon the character and appearance of the countryside and would conserve the landscape and scenic beauty of the AONB.

The sequence of events at an inquiry is described at section 5.3412 of DCP Online.